Terms & Conditions for Guided Tour

1. Contract Conclusion.


With the customer’s verbal or written registration or booking, made with MOTORCYCLE TOURS BOLIVIA company (subsequently referred to as the Organizer) or one of their sales agents, a binding contract is entered into by the customer and the Organizer. Upon booking, the customer accepts these terms and conditions as an integral part of the contract between him/her and the Organizer.


2. Subject Matter of the Contract.


The Organizer is obligated to fulfil the service requested by the customer as advertised and/or confirmed in the contract. Extended services can be incorporated upon prior agreement with the organiser. Any additional costs that ensue will be paid by the customer.


3. Terms of participation and obligation of participants to cooperate.


All activities require good health. Participants are obliged to inform the Organizer about any health problems. Participants must under no circumstances be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, psychotropics or similar.
Participants are obliged to fulfil the terms of participation and to obey the instructions of the Organizer, Motorcycling Guides, bikes Instructors and auxiliary persons.

Should a participant not fulfil the terms of participation or not obey instructions, the Organizer may exclude the participant from the activity.


4. Insurance.


Participants are not insured by the Organizer. Each participant is responsible for his/her own adequate health and accident insurance. The client is liable for all costs to recover damaged vehicle or medical transportation following accidents
INSURANCE FOR THE MOTORCYCLE.-The riders are responsible for material damage to the motorcycle, returning the bike in their original condition. Optional insurance is available from our company, but the client will still have a $ 500.- excess to pay on damages. Our insurance will cover all costs above this amount. (Insurance cost is $45 for the trip).

All of our motorcycles are standard. They are NOT INSURED for damage to the motorcycle. This insurance that we offer to our customers covers material damage to the motorcycle and reduces the excess / deductible to a maximum of USD 1.000.– If you have a big problem you are only obligated to pay a maximum amount of USD 500.–.

Example, if you break a rear-view mirror you only pay what the retroversion costs, which could be about 10 Dollars.

But in case that the damage exceeds USD 500.—you’ll only pay the maximum which would be USD 500.–

Without this insurance of USD 45. — all damage to the rented motorcycle is the responsibility of the clients, and is obligated to pay for everything destroyed when the motorcycle is in their possession.

NOTE: This insurance does not cover the total loss caused by robbery. It does not cover any damages caused in case the client is driving under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.


5. General liability.


Claims for damages against the Organizer or their auxiliaries are excluded as long as the damage is not caused by willful intent or gross negligence. The Organizer reserves the right to enlist auxiliary persons / third parties to fulfil services. Should the Organizer legitimately transfer implementation to a third party, then the Organizer is not liable for their acts and omissions. The Organizer especially does not accept liability for damages which arose through acts and omissions of the activity manager, which were not connected with the fulfilment of contractually agreed services, due to the acts of third-parties, other participants, the participants, force majeure, natural phenomena, governmental directives etc. or due to a delayed return.

Should a participant not obey the directions of the Organizer, activity manager etc. all accountability is removed from the Organizer.