La Paz / DEATH ROAD 1 day.


    • 1 Bikes $ 250 USD. Per person
    • 2 or more Bikes $ 230 Per person
    • Minimun of number participants 1.
    • Maximun of number participants 10
    • Price passenger + 50$ Usd.
    • Transport (taxi).Pick up in your hotel at 8:30
    • Type of vehicle: Honda CRF230f, Honda XR250-400 - Suzuki DR650 and Kawasaki KLR650
    • Climate, mild/cold.
    • Suggestions, Comfortable clothes-Extra money-sun glasses -camera and sun block.
    •  Guided tour.
    •  Frequency, Every day. With reservation.(Private Tour).
    •  Type route, Asphalt/ gravel hard pack and off road.
    •  All tours start at 9: 00 A.M.


    NOTE.- This is only! For expert riders. Be sure you can withstand high altitudes. Located over 4000 meters above sea level between La Paz and its northern Yungas (jungle) region, you’ll drive to the Cumbre (the summit) of the Andes before you head downward to the rainforest regardless of weather.

    ITINERARY OF THE TOUR.-  At 08:30 a.m. our taxi will collect you from your hotel/hostel and take you to our office where you will get your riding gear and most important, your motorcycle. Starting the ride, first we have to cross part of the city with it’s traffic, then we’ll head to ‘La Cumbre’ high mountain pass. From there the road takes us down, down and down, first paved and the last 40 Km as a narrow dirt track known as ‘Death Road’. We follow it along high vertical walls of rocks at one side and deep abysms at the other, a lot of crosses, silent witnesses of former fatal accidents, line the road reminding us to be careful. Still now, although most of the current traffic to and from the Amazon lowlands rolls over a new wide paved highway, this track keeps it singular dangers. Here, at the edges of the old so dangerous road, constructed in the early 30th of the last century in part by forced Paraguayan war prisoners (Chaco War 1932-1935)  the sensation of being pulled down is present. Especially when fog is dense, all that souls of thousands of accident victims over the decades seem to be observing you. Driving down the winding, curvy we’ll get showered by some small waterfalls, coming out of the upper overhanging rock formations hitting the road surface. Season depending, air is becoming warmer turning into hot on arrival at the small village of Yolosa, with only 1.100m the lowest point of the tour. From this place we return to La Paz over the new paved road, riding up and up, also through some tunnels, into the cold at  ‘La Cumbre’ again. On a normal day we’ll be back at our office place in the later afternoon between 5 and 6 p.m.

    Depending on clients preference and as an alternative, the tour also first can be run down to Yolosa over the paved road and then enjoying the ‘Death Road’ riding it up way.

    During the trip there will be several stops for photo shootings or just let the amazing panorama of the Andean Mountain landscapes impress you. There will be a moment to have lunch, too. (not included in the price).                                                         THIS REGION called ‘Yungas’ is situated east of the Cordillera Real, making a transition zone between the western highland and the lowlands of the Amazonian Basin. It is characterized by warm to hot and humid climate. The generous vegetation grows all over the intricate topography showing abysmal walls and Deep green valleys with rushing rivers, some of them well known because of their rich gold content. The clouds  ascending frequently along the valleys are stopped by the huge mountainous barrier of the Cordillera Real, fact that contributes to humidity in this región. At the forest border, between 3,000 and 2,000m. there is a mild climate and the vegetation is already abundant. The Subtropical zone, below 2,000m, is characterized by dense forests with a variety of ferns  and orchids, besides exotic birds and  butterflies. There are plantations of coca, coffee, bananas, mangos, avocados and citrus. Going further down lower than an altitude of 500m, the temperature becomes torrid. There are trees of fine wood and tropical animals from the Amazonian fauna.

    LA CUMBRE.- The Cumbre (the summit in the Andes mountains) is cold all year round, but coldest during our winter months (June to August). However, that’s also our dry season and one of the safest times to travel. Our rainy season is between November and April and that’s the most dangerous time to travel death road as it experiences more land and rock slides and the road frequently use to be in slippery, muddy conditions. The high mountain pass crossing (4,670m) is always a cold affair.


    About damage insurance USD 45.- :

    All of our motorcycles are standard. They are NOT INSURED for damage to the motorcycle. This insurance that we offer to our customers covers material damage to the motorcycle  and reduces the excess / deductible to a maximum of USD 1000.-- If you have a big problem you are only obligated to pay a maximum amount of USD 1000.--.

    Example, if you break a rear-view mirror you only pay what the retrovision costs, which could be about 10 Dollars.

    But in case that the damage exceeds USD 1000.—you’ll only pay the maximum which would be USD 1000.--


    Without this insurance of USD 45.-- all damage to the rented motorcycle is the responsibility of the clients, and is obligated to pay for everything destroyed when the motorcycle is in their possession.

    NOTE:  This insurance does not cover the total loss caused by robery. It does not cover any damages caused in case the client is driving under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.


  • Driver’s license. Motorcycle class.
  • Personal travel insurance.
  • Agreement and signature on risk document.
  • Minimum number of Participants 1
  • Maximums number of participants 10


  • Basic equipment (jacket and, helmet).
  • Adventure guide.
  • Fuel for the bike.
  • Transport (taxi).Pick up in your hotel at 8:30
  • Bolivian Basic insurance ("SOAT" covers only personal damage to third-party)
  • Support de vehicle 4x4. (When the group is above 5 riders).


  • Meals, on the route ( Midday Lunch ).
  • All entrance-fees for museums and parks.
  • Personal expenses..
  • Damage insurance for the motorcycle.


DURATION 1 DAY (220Km. Aprox.)
TYPE ROUTE Asphalt/ gravel hard pack and off road.
PRICE 1 Bikes $ 250 USD. Per person.
2 or more bikes $ 230 per person.
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